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Air conditioner repair Air conditioner repair

Install, repair, or maintain your air conditioning system by relying on the expertise of Paloma Air Conditioning. You can always trust us because each employee is trained for 6 months to make sure they know how to perform the job, and technicians and installers get additional training throughout the year.


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  • Checking and leveling thermostat

  • Washing condenser coil

  • Cleaning evaporator (for additional charge)

  • Inspection of the compressor’s amp

  • Tightening the electrical system  

  • Inspection of Compressors Amp draw

Superior maintenance

  • Cleaning and fixing condensation line

  • Inspecting and closing air leaks

  • Motor lubrication (if applicable)

  • Cleaning or replacing disposable air filter

  • Adjusting Freon level

You can extend the life of your system and improve its level of performance by properly maintaining it. By utilizing our preventative maintenance program, all repairs have a 1-year warranty. Feel secure knowing that our repairs are all backed by a 365 day, no questions asked guarantee.

Save money with preventative maintenance

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